Urgent Appointment

Any urgent cases will be seen on the same day, please tell us if you are in a telephone box/pay as you go mobile and we will return your call.

Say immediately if you feel your call is urgent. For urgent conditions you may be put through to speak to the GP.

Call the following numbers from 8:30am:

  • School House Surgery 01273 551031
  • Church Surgery  01273 684500

Routine Appointment

If your condition is non-urgent you can expect to speak to a health professional within three working days, though you may have to wait longer if you wish to see a particular GP at a particular time or day.

  • phone us Monday to Friday from 8:30am on:
    • School House Surgery 01273 551031
    • Church Surgery  01273 684500
  • book online via the link at the top of this page
  • visit the surgery and speak with a receptionist, Monday to Friday from 8:30am
  • use your NHS account (through the NHS website or NHS App) to book a screening test or vaccination

Please let us know if more than one person in your family needs to be seen as this will require more than one appointment.


Telephone Consultations

If you wish to have a telephone consultation with the doctor you will be given a time to ring the surgery. Please try to keep to these times as there may be several people telephoning within a short space of time.

Practice Nurses

In a number of cases it might be worth considering an appointment with a practice nurse rather than a doctor. Practice nurses are qualified to deal with many conditions and you may be seen more quickly. Nursing appointments are also booked via reception at both surgeries. We normally book one week in advance only.

Extended Hours

Through our partnership with Brighton and Hove Federation, patients now have access to additional appointments from 6.30pm to 8pm weekdays and 9am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday.  These include remote and face GP appointment as well as appointments with a nurse, pharmacist or health care assistant.  

Specialist clinics are also being planned (e.g. Menopause). Please refer to the Federation website.

Access to these clinics is by contacting the surgery in the normal way.  These appointments might be held at a different location to the surgery and are subject to availability.

Home Visits

Whilst we encourage our patients to come to the surgery, where we have the appropriate equipment and facilities available, we do appreciate this is not always possible. In this respect, if you do need a home visit, you can help us by calling the branch surgery where you are registered before 10am.

You may only request a home visit if you are housebound or are too ill to visit the practice. Your GP will only visit you at home if they think that your medical condition requires it and will also decide how urgently a visit is needed. Please bear this in mind and be prepared to provide suitable details to enable the doctor to schedule house calls.

You can also be visited at home by a community nurse if you are referred by your GP.

Your appointment

However you choose to contact us, we may offer you a consultation:

  • by phone
  • face to face at the surgery
  • on a video call
  • by text or email

Appointments by phone, video call or by text or email can be more flexible and often means you get help sooner.

Specialist & Hospital Care

If a GP or another member of our health care team believes you need hospital treatment or specialist care elsewhere, they will arrange this in conjunction with your wishes.

Our administrative staff are very experienced in arranging out-patient appointments and helping you with any enquiries regarding referrals.

Cancelling or changing an appointment

The Practice would always appreciate prompt cancellation of your booked appointment so that these appointments can be offered to other patients in need.  Repeated appointments which are missed without cancellation wastes resources. The practice has a policy in place where we will inform patients when they do not attend or do not cancel.  If this happens consistently, patients may be removed from the practice list.

To cancel your appointment:

  • use your NHS account (through the NHS website or NHS App)
  • phone us Monday to Friday from 8:30am on
    • School House Surgery 01273 551031
    • Church Surgery  01273 684500
  • reply CANCEL to your appointment reminder text message

If you need help when we are closed

If you need medical help now, use NHS 111 online or Call 111.

NHS 111 online is for people aged 5 and over. Call 111 if you need help for a child under 5.

Call 999 in a medical or mental health emergency. This is when someone is seriously ill or injured and their life is at risk.

If you need help with your appointment

Please tell us:

  • if there’s a specific doctor, nurse or other health professional you would prefer to respond
  • if you would prefer to consult with the doctor or nurse by phone, face-to-face, by video call or by text or email
  • if you need a chaperone
  • if you need an interpreter
  • if you have any other access or communication needs